Jodie Foster is a unique American personality in the Hollywood industry. She is one of the top outstanding actresses in the showbiz industry of America. Jodie Foster began her acting career with an American television series “Mayberry R.F.D” in 1968. After getting fame from this TV series, she has done work in many hit TV series on the different TV channels and gained huge popularity in a quite short time with her skills. Foster also appeared in a Hollywood film “Napoleon and Samantha” in 1972. Here we are sharing Top 10 Facts About Jodie Foster You Didn’t Know Before.


1. Jodie’s father was an addressed U.S Airforce lieutenant Colonel later who became a real estate broker, and her father has died before her birth.

2. Before the beginning of her career, Jodie’s mother worked in public relations for the film producer Arthur P.Jacobs.

3. Jodie was a talented child, and she started reading at the age of three.

4. Jodie learned French fluent the age of 14 and also learned Italian when she was 18 years old.

5. Jodie has two sons Charles Foster and Christopher Foster, but there are no details of their father.

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6. Jodie is lesbian and married with actress and photographer Alexandra Hedison in 2014.

7. Jodie canceled an interview with NBC’s “Today Show” in 1991 just because of Hinckley’s name was mentioned in the introduction.

8. Another man Edward Richardson stalked Jodie during her time at Yale University. He wanted to kill her, but he couldn’t.

9. Jodie began her acting career when she was only three years old with an appearance in a television advertisement in 1965 as “Coppertone Girl.”

10. Jodie rose up her stardom with the film “Taxi Driver” in which played a child prostitute role.


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