Ariana Grande Might Do A Mini “Sweetener” Tour

Ariana Grande has been setting aside some peaceful time for herself as of late, and her fans have been there for her through every last bit of it. Justifiably, a portion of her fans have been pondering regardless of whether the pop star would set out on another visit for her most recent collection, Sweetener. Presently, it appears just as the puzzle has been settled, as Ariana herself tended to that very inquiry via Twitter.
On Friday, September 28, Ariana reacted to a few fans who were tweeting adoring and steady messages to her. When one fan advised her to

“take all the time you need”


“don’t rush anything,”

Ariana admitted that she was feeling “anxious” and missing her fans.

“I wanna tour now,”

she stated, including that yesterday, she needed to

“sit home forever,”

yet today she’d rather “do shows and see you.”
Ariana proceeded to take note of that a portion of her “happiest moments” happen when she’s dramatic, singing for her fans.

“I think it’s just the looooooong chunks of time away from home that are scary to me rn,”

she included.

Yet, that doesn’t imply that a Sweetener visit isn’t likely to work out by any means. Ariana set that maybe she’d complete a “little” visit, clarifying:

“I can’t do what I did last time right now. That I do know. Whatever it is, I hope it’s okay with you.”

Obviously, that is completely OK with Arianators.

“I would do anything for you to come to Argentina and have the luck to see you for the third time, but I rather you happy and healthy,”

one fan composed. Another stated: “I just want you to be comfortable with what you’re doing…You can do whatever you want and makes you happy.” Other fans communicated that Ariana’s wellbeing and joy are the greatest need, while taking note of that her fans will dependably be there for her — regardless of how much time she needs to take. Also, plainly Ariana acknowledges every last bit of her fans; as she put it on

Twitter: “OK ily thanks for being my best friends.”


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