Nicole Kidman is a most Legendary Australian personality in the Hollywood industry. She is not only an excellent actress but also a Singer, and Film Producer. Nicole began her acting career with a film “Bush Christmas” in 1983. After getting fame from this film, she has done work in many hit Hollywood Movies and gained huge popularity in a quite short time with her acting skills. Here we are sharing Top 10 Facts About Nicole Kidman You Didn’t Know Before.


1. Kidman suffers Lepidopterophobia and her acute fear of butterflies.

2. Kidman 4 inches taller than her ex-husband and she rarely wore heels when she was seen publicly with him.

3. During film The Human Stain, she visited women’s shelters to talk to former victims of abuse for preparing her role.

4. Kidman always performed her nude scenes in the films and never used the body double for them.

5. Kidman received an Oscar for the film “The Hours.”

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6. Kidman adopted a daughter Isabella Jane Kidman-Cruise while married with her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

7. After some time the couple also adopted a boy, and his name is Connor Anthony Kidman-Cruise.

8. Nicole gave birth to two daughters after her marriage with Keith Urban.

9. Kidman always used sunglasses, sunscreen, and various hats to preserve her youthful look.

10. At the age of 13, Nicole was already 5′ 9″.


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