Namrata Singh Gujral is a superb American personality in the Hollywood industry. She is not only an excellent actress but also a Director, Producer, and Singer. Namrata began her acting career with a film “Training Day” in 2001. After getting fame from this film, she has done work in many hit Hollywood Movies and gained huge popularity in a quite short time with her acting skills. She also directed numerous film and TV serials on different TV channels. Here we are sharing Top 10 Facts About Namrata Singh Gujral You Didn’t Know Before.


1. Namrata Singh Gujral is a Hollywood Producer and Actor.

2. Namrata is a two times Cancer survivor, first the Breast Cancer and after some years then the Burkitt Lymphoma blood cancer.

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3. Gujral is the only South Asian woman in Hollywood who runs his production studio with the name of American Pride Films Group, and she became the first American artist.

4. Gujral also played a role of Renu Mathur in the Bollywood movie Kaante on 2002.

5. Gujral is not only acted in Indian roles but also played Iranian, Pakistani, and Latin characters.

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6. Gujral has been the part of multiple Television shows such as The Agency, Family Law, and Passions.

7. Gujral had regarded committing suicide as an option due to some issues. During her hospital sessions, she used her hospital room as a spa where she had taken her LED candles, pictures of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Nanak Dev Ji along with CDs of kirtans and shabads.

8. Namrata used her creative and commercial expertise on co-productions between Hollywood and Bollywood.

9. Namrata was personally invited by Yash Chopra to speak on global co-productions at FICCI, which is India’s most esteemed entertainment organization.

10. Namrata’s working on her different upcoming projects include the movie Still (2019).

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