The Famous Italian on-screen actress Ornella Muti, enrolled in Moscow, came to Ukraine with her little girl with an execution. In Kiev and Odessa, they gave the play The Trial of the Witch.” The 43-year-old girl of star Nike Rivelli shared her impressions of remaining in Ukraine on Instagram. She shared a video from a hotel room in Odessa, in which she presents bare, covering her breasts with her hands.

You can see below:

The video of the daughter of the well known performing artist brought in her location compliments from male fans and feedback from ladies.

wrote outraged subscribers” composed shocked supporters.

You are even worse than your mother,

Likewise daughter Ornella Muti was astonished by Ukrainian keepsakes. Nike has distributed a photograph of bathroom tissue with the picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the Ukrainian shop. Suppose they did it in Italy with a picture of our government officials, ” Nike remarked on the photo.

Review, 63-year-old Ornella Muti and her little girl performed on October 1 at the Kiev arrange with the play “The Trial of the Witch”, which was deferred. The following day, the superstars went to Odessa.

Nike Rivelli – the oldest daughter of the actress from the Spanish maker JosĂ© Luis Bermudez de Castro Askaso. She additionally acted in movies and attempted to make music, however wound up renowned, on account of provocative productions in informal communities.


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