Kanye West (The Rapper), Tries his best to convince her angry wife, Kim Kardashian, with his heart-melting song at his new concert held in Atlanta.

Kanye’s latest party aroused hope of settlement with Kim as gossip about their personal life in town.

Kanye held a listening party at the Mercedes Stadium where he’s written lyrics for his new album for his late mother, As he loved his mother so much.

Kanye appeared to be pleading with their marriage during the last days and often sings in his songs. “Love Unconditionally, I’m losing my family,” then his fans mulled over on social media apps.

“I’m losing all my love life; come back to me, “beloved.” West chatted as his estranged wife looked on from the audience.

He openly offered his wife, “Time and space is a luxury/But you came here to show that you’re still in love with me.”

Kim and Kanye’s spectators started talking about their reunion after this listening party held in Atlanta. Finally, he’s been able to knock at his ex’s heart to find some space again.


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