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Top 10 Facts About Letitia Wright You Didn’t Know Before

Top 10 Facts About Letitia Wright You Didn’t Know Before

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Letitia Wright is a charming Guyanese and British actress. She began her career in Hollywood when she was 17 years old. Letitia was very passionate about acting since her childhood. She has worked in many Hollywood movies and TV series, but she got her limelight with Marvel comic superhero movie Black Panther in 2018. Letitia gained massive popularity for playing an excellent role in this film. She also nominated for awards to her outstanding performance. She kept secrets and don’t like to talk about her personal life and family. Here we are sharing Top 10 Facts About Letitia Wright You Didn’t Know Before.letitia-wright-height-weight-age


1. Letitia was born in Georgetown, Guyana but her family moved to London when she was seven years old.

2. Letitia appeared on screen when she was 17 years old during her studies.

3. In 2015 Wonderland Magazine listed her as one of the future stars in the Hollywood industry.

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4. Letitia kept secret about her acting in Black Panther until the trailer was released.

5. Letitia inspired by Keke Palmer famous Hollywood actress.

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6. Letitia ‘s mother was a teacher, and she has a Guyanese accent.

7. Letitia likes to work in science fiction movies.

8. Letitia told that if she is not an actress, then she wants to become a writer.

9.  At the beginning of her career, Letitia doesn’t like to see her on screen.

10. When Letitia feels nervousness, she starts praying.

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