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Top 10 Facts About Justin Bieber You Didn’t Know Before

Top 10 Facts About Justin Bieber You Didn’t Know Before

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Justin Bieber is one of the youngest and famous Canadian singer. He is the crush of million girls and also popular in male fan followings. Justin founded by the renowned talent manager Scooter Braun through the YouTube video in 2008. After releasing his first debut album, he gained huge popularity in a quite short time with his fabulous voice. Justin has released many albums and has done many live concerts around the world. He has the worldwide fan following which makes his more attractive and famous. Here we are sharing Top 10 Facts About Justin Bieber You Didn’t Know Before.



1. Justin Bieber mostly called by his nickname JB, but his born name is Justin Drew Bieber.

2. At the age of 12, Justin was the second runner in a local singing competition.

3. After the releasing of Justin debut album Purpose, 5,22000 copies were sold only in America.

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4. Justin wants to sell his cutting hair on eBay in 12000$, but his hair sold in 40000$ by his hardcore fan.

5. Justin likes to play with Rubix Cube, and he can solve it less than two minutes.

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6. In an interview, Justin said that if he is not a singer, then he likes to become an architect.

7. Justin played different musical instruments trumpet, guitar, piano, and drums whos taught by himself.

8. Once Justin was reached late in concrete because he was going to meet his seven years old fan in a hospital.

9. Justin is not a foodie person, and he likes to eat Wonder Bread with tomato and mayo.

10. Justin loves to visit a mall of every city in his tours around the world.

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